Special Mission

King Air Cargo Pod

The Avcon External Cargo Pod is aerodynamically designed, fully enclosed, and carries baggage for passengers, cargo, or special mission equipment.
The Avcon Cargo Pod provides convenient access through a large side door (19” X 39”). The Avcon Cargo Pod offers an optional aft door for loading skis or other long equipment.
The light weight cargo pod is constructed of durable, reinforced, fiberglass material. There is a minimal reduction of 3-4 knots at normal cruise power settings. The Avcon Cargo Pod installation is STC approved by the FAA.

Volume - 40 Cu Ft (1,132 CM)
Capacity – 500 Pounds (227 KG)
Length – 156 Inches, (396CM)
Width – 27 Inches, (69 CM)
Depth - 22 Inches, (56 CM)
Weight – Approximately 75 Pounds