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Avcon Aerial Camera provisions are available for the multiple Cessna aircraft models including C-421, C-441, and C-550/551 series. Single and dual camera options are available. Installations are performed by the technicians at Avcon or an authorized International Avcon Sales & Installation Center.

Avcon uses the finest quality Optical Glass or Fused Silica for camera, LIDAR and Hyperspectral Modifications. The lenses can be ordered coated or uncoated, depending on customer or OEM requirements.

Pressure domes are also available for clear air sensors or retractable FLIR installations.

Modifications include sliding doors to protect the glass or equipment during takeoff and landing. Avcon Camera Provisions support most current film & digital cameras, LIDARs, gyro stabilized camera mounts and fixed or retractable EO/IR Sensors.

Avcon camera modifications allow the aircraft to maintain full pressurization at altitude. Most camera modifications can be returned back to standard interior configuration with Avcon accessory kits.