Avon Fins

The Logical Approach to Aerodynamic Stability

No Yaw Dampers Required

Avcon Fins dramatically improve directional stability when installed on Lear 35 & 36 models, and eliminate the FAA requirement for operable yaw dampers. This results in increased dispatch reliability and makes a bold statement about the effectiveness of the fins. Avcon Fins work, and work extremely well!

Improved Handling & Performance

The first thing that flight crews notice when flying an Avcon Fin equipped Learjet is the smoothness and positive control response, even at low airspeeds. The aircraft simply flys better. Like the feathers of an arrow, Avcon Fins interact with the vertical stabilizer to create positive stability in all three axes. The Avcon Fins also channel and smooth the airflow around the tailcone area, which results in obvious drag reduction benefits.

At cruise airspeeds, Avcon Fins are aligned to provide aerodynamic input when the aircraft attempts to stray from the intended line of flight, such as during turbulence. This "self-correcting" feature controls yaw and helps keep the aircraft on the step for optimal range performance.

During landing and other low-speed maneuvers, Avcon Fins eliminate divergent dutch roll tendencies by providing additional lift and directional stability. The result is a very solid and predictable handling characteristics.

With Avcon Fins an aircraft that flys better and looks great. Avcon Fins with a Lear 35 or 36 are a winning combination.

Increased Payload

As an added benefit, the installation of Avcon Fins allows Learjet owners to purchase one or more of the optional weight increases described below:

Avcon Fin Weight Increase Chart*

Ramp Weight: 19,850 pounds

Take-off Weight: 19,600 pounds

Landing Weight: 16,000 pounds

Zero Wing & Tip Fuel Weight: 14,500 pounds

The weight increases are FAA approved, and may increase the useful load of Avcon Fin equipped Learjets by 1,200 pounds or more. That is over half a ton of additional revenue potential on every trip, offered to you exclusively by Avcon and its Installation Centers.

Don't Delay

Call today to order your set of Avcon Fins, and begin enjoying stability and handling characteristics of a Model 31 and state-of-the-art looks, without giving up the range or payload of your current Learjet.

Lear 20 Series Fins: Avcon is certifying a Fin solution for the Lear 20 Series airplanes and expects to have a solution available for sale be mid 2006.

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